Design Right

  Collectively we have many years in the manufacturing industry. Our experience in design and manufacture spans many areas. This includes sheet metal fabrication, plastic fabrication, machining and welding. We fabricate most all materials from metals, plastics and wood. Our CAD design team can handle 2D design and drafting as well as 3D modeling capabilities.


  If you need help developing a product, or fabricating a completed design, we can help. If you would prefer to get a graphic representation of your design prior to engaging in the design and engineering, please visit our CAD Solutions page.



  Many inventors and developers have great ideas that never get realized. Some hold these ideas for years without making the move to get them created. Every good product starts with an idea. These great ideas need to be refined to get the best possible outcome. Please contact us and we can give you a free consultation on the process to bring your idea to reality. Visit our Prototypes page for more information.