We design and build prototypes for product development and research. If you have an existing product idea that you have wanted to create then we can help you reach your goal. Even if you only have just a general idea of what you want designed, we can guide you through the process of refining it. We can aid you in the best manufacturing process and materials due to our many years in the manufacturing field.


    Our first focus is on the quality of the design. We don't just take your design and give you a prototype of it. We review and discuss your design with you to make sure you are getting the best possible product to meet your needs. If you start with a great design, you will end with a great product.


    If you have an idea for a design, but are not sure how to move forward. You should give us a call. We will help you get moving forward in your success.


    Virtual 3D prototypes can afford you the ability to see your prototype without the expense to build. This will allow your product to be checked for the proper form, fit and function before it is physically built.  This can help you visually explain your product to suppliers and customers.


  There are several types of prototypes that can be created. These are decided by variables such as cost, timeline, and development process.

 Sometimes we need to build a cruder model to help the inventor or developer gain a better understanding of how the product will work. This is a less expensive model that is not meant as a final design. This allows for design modifications and proof of concept. And in some cases, is enough to gain investors or to help sell the idea to potential buyers.


  The process to making your prototype is like writing an article or paper. There is a rough draft version, followed by several iterations, before the final draft is complete. We will help you make the best decisions for your product in this process.  Please feel free to contact us for consultation.











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